A Taste of Thailand

A Taste of Thailand

We are delighted to be working with Siamaya Chocolate from Thailand. Having visited their cacao supplier in the stunning hills of northern Thailand, and their factory where they roast and make their bean to bar chocolate, we couldn’t help but want to share this unique product with discerning chocolate lovers here in the UK. 

I had tasted single origin chocolate from Madagascar, Ghana, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and other leading cacao producers around the world, but until the last year had not tried Thai Single Origin chocolate.

This is simply because despite having the climate to grow cacao trees it has only been in the last few decades that farmers have deemed it a viable crop financially. Thai cacao beans are therefore far rarer than other huge growers and suppliers around the world.

Having met with different farmers and chocolate producers over the past year I have been privileged to witness and understand the new cacao culture and exciting chocolate journey that Thailand is undertaking.

Leading the way in this new Thai chocolate revolution is Siamaya Chocolate, based in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Their hand crafted chocolate, using locally sourced Thai Cacao beans, is subtle yet rich. Thailand’s terroir and cacao trees produce an exciting taste of the nutty and earthy chocolate, combined with exotic fruit notes that is simply sublime.

You can now taste this delicious chocolate for yourself via Umber & Ecru, so grab yourself a bar or two here and look out for more flavours coming in the near future.